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Full Version: My slider presets disappered!
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does anyone know why or how to fix this?? the last time i used my program the slider presets that came with the download where there. I went to use the program today and now they are gone. I guess i could go in and remake them, but if this is something i can fix i would rather do that. Save me some time!lolRolleyes
appreciate any help i can get!!
The slider presets which were there when you first ran the programme are the default set. If you want them back again just press the Default button.

Pressing the "Set all to Default" button will set all the sliders in that section only to their default values.   Portrait Professional also has a set of "Slider Presets" like "Black and White", "Complexion", "Dramatic - female" etc.   Each preset is stored in a file in your user account. This means if you change user, you wont see the presets anymore.   On vista I am logged in as a user called "tony", so my presets are stored in a directory called:


On XP it would be:

c:\Documents and Settings\tony\Application Data\Anthropics\PortraitProfessional\presets

To make sure they are available to different users you can just copy them to all the user accounts that need them.

Thanks so much for your help! i would of never figured that one out!!