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Full Version: Manage Licence
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After needing to re instal the PP software on a new laptop, I tried to get the manage licence email.

When it finally arrived, it sent me to a link, that when opened, only told me to download the software, and reinstall it, and gave me the same token.

When I tried, the activation, it told me the token was already in use!!!

How do I get the PP to run on my new laptop, and not on my old machine, (thats getting binned in a few days!)

This happened to me too. Be patient, you'll get a new link to a token from the Admin.
Roscoe Wrote:This happened to me too.  Be patient, you'll get a new link to a token from the Admin.

I must admit it is hard to be patient when the only response you get from customer support is an automated email that does not answer the question, and no real way of contacting anyone in the company other than hopefully on this forum!!!
Hi Webby,

I am going to send you an email with your re installation details. If you need to contact support the best thing to do is to go to the faq on our website and scroll down at the bottom of the page you can open a support ticket. This support ticket goes to the support team who will usually reply within 24 hrs.

Warm regards,
Anthropics Technology