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I have just installed the Max version - 6.3 and find that the zoom controls do not seem to work for me. I f I use the menu item "View" "Zoom to Image" while working on a face then I can no longer use the "Zoom to Face" too return to a zoomed in view. It just seems that the zoom controls do not consistantly work. Am doing wrong or is there a bug in this version? Help would be appreciated.
Can't help with this other than to say mine works fine. I used it quite a bit last night with no trouble at all.
Thank you Fred. As I use PP more and more I realize that the zoom does work during those parts of the process when you really need it to. It just doesn't work in all phases of the process. However, the program really was intelligently designed and its usability is great!
Great prog isn't it? Here are a couple of tips for you.

When marking up hold down Ctrl and it will zoom in to make the marking points easier to see. Let go of Ctrl and you can move on to the next point. Having said that the marking doesn't need to be too precise (with, perhaps, the exception of closed lip lines) so don't waste too much time on it.

When doing adjustments you can also hold down the Ctrl key and it will zoom to wherever you have the tool you are using showing on the image (I hope that makes sense). This works regardless of whether you have it set for Image, Face or Pixel zoom. I generally keep it set on image and use the Ctrl zoom method. This lets me have a good zoom for working in detail but go back quickly to the image size to be sure I like it.

HTH, enjoy.
Yes, a great program. And very satisfying to so easily make people beautiful!

I just tried your tip, which I had not seen elsewhere in the documentation, and it works extremely well. It will be very useful.

Thanks again and happy holidays, Ken