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Full Version: Adjustment "nodes"
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For want of a better word by "nodes" I mean the control points along the adjustment lines. I would like to see more of them so that greater control can be made of the adjustment/s. Either that, or the ability to slide the adjustment points left or right to adjust only one small part of a line.
Having said that, I'm surprised how easily the programme adjusts the facial characteristics even though the adjustment points are not in exactlythe right spot.
Hi Roscoe,

There is no need for any greater control over the 'nodes' as it is not too critical where they are. You don't need to spend a lot of time on this part of the process so don't be too concerned. You can see this for yourself if you have a go with an image and deliberately put them slightly out of place. Then do it again as accurately as you can and you will not see any real difference. The only nodes I find more important to get right are the one under the nose (this must not be on the nose at all, make sure it is clearly underneath), and the nodes along the lip line when the lips are closed (top and bottom sets of nodes need to be properly together but not overlapped). HTH.
I see what you mean Fred. I've been messing around with the programme and deliberately moved the adjustment lines away from where they're meant to be and the results seemed to correct my errors. Magic stuff, hardly any difference between accurate adjustments and the deliberate misplacements.