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Full Version: Portrait professional Freezes
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I am having a lot of trouble when I try to download a photo to enhance.
I press start and get my lists of photos. I click on a file but Portrait Pro freezes. This has only recently started happening and was working p[/size][/font]erfectly before. I have uninstalled and re-installed, but problem is still there and driving me crazy, as I can't use Portrait Pro. now.
Has anyone else had this problem or got any bright ideas as to what is happening.

Does this happen with all photographs or just one? Which version does it happen in?

This was with version 6 and it happened with most photographs, but, alas........... Gary in support has solved my problem - he advised me to drag and drop, which works perfectly and is a much easier way for me than searching through picture files as I used to do.

Can't thank him enough for his prompt advice.

I can now get back to having fun with my photographs, but will keep looking on the forum (only found it because of the problem), as I learned a few other things while browsing through.

Thanks for attempting to help me.