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Full Version: Version 6
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Read the announcement for version 6 and checked for updates but only found version 5.2. Am I doing something wrong?
Oops, I was a little premature. Version 6.0 is available to new users. the upgrade for old users will be available very soon!

Users of the English version can now upgrade to the latest version by selecting Check for Updates from the Help menu.
Are there any changes other than not having to go through your server? I seem to remember you were not going to do this unless you were discontinuing the product. Is this the case?
Hi Fred,

Have no fear, we have no intention of discontinuing the product! We have released version 6 as standalone due to large customer demand for a standalone version. Having the software run standalone is the only substantive change to the product.



Version 6 works as well as before. Well done Tony.