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Full Version: coming soon some of my works!
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I bought PP a while back, but just have not had the time to use it. so the other day i got it installed and I must say I'm leaving photoshop alone....
I'M a photo editor for several photographers world wide. i work with about 25 photographer editing there photos. I have had several of my photos in magazine all over the world. I will display some personal and famous photos soon. once i have the ok from the photographer..



another one that i did for a model in NY!
how big is the gallery ..hahaha.. i got over 30 gb of photos that i have edited...


i really got paid good from this model.. she sent me like 50 photos i had them done in no time at all.. she was excited and pleased with my works....

she gave me a bonus!

It's great to see some new examples, particularly of the effect on the body.
i agree. i have been editing for about 3 yrs now and i do this full time. i have client all over the world. A client recently send me 400 photos to edit from Hawaii ..that was fun. NOT!

Sounds like a great way to make a living but I wouldn't trust my skills to keep the wolf from the door.

If your 400 images were all portraits PP should make it a breeze.
no they was a mixture of ocean shoots and land scape shots. i just don't rely on this program. i still proof the photo in photo shop and other programs that i learned to use over the yrs. i have the basic system down! from raw to finish i work faster and better than most other editors. i had to pay for those photoshop lessions..hha...

400 a drop in the bucket. sometimes.



You use photoshop to delete the fleck on the skin? I also can do that. But I have to spend lots of time for the work: I have to delete that little by little.  Do you have an easier way to do that?