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Full Version: Quiet around here...
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I wonder if the relative "quietness" of this forum can be partially attributed to the fact that many people just plain don't know it exists? Looking on PP's homepage, there seems to be only a little tiny link to the forum down in the page footer. Maybe forum access should be more prominent - like up in the main navigation bar?

So, instead of "gallery | faq | contact", maybe it should read "gallery | faq | forum | contact"...

Just a thought.

A comparison of sales to forum membership would be interesting.

Whenever I look, which is quite often, there seem to be very few people on the forum at any one time. In fact, only one or two besides myself.

I would like to see more examples of PP in action posted. It would make it more interesting for everyone. So how about it fellow members, shows us all what you've done, especially if you haven't posted anything already.