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Full Version: beauty shot
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Here is a portrait I did. Trying to get better at editing. Let me know how to improve. Either way this is much better than trying to learn all that stuff in photoshop Tongue. I will post 3 copies (out of camera/PP). The one on the right is the original.


I like it...doesn't look over done to me....just a few suggestions....if you want to take it a bit further...before you go in PP with your image...you can use your photo edit software...I use PSP the most...has most of the features of PS and can use 99 % of the same filter.....anyway...I would fix the slight cast of the eyes....I would select and copy one of the iris and pupils of one eye...and save that image...then clone in some extra white space on a copy of the original image ...of that same eye....then copy and paste the iris with pupil image in a little better alignment with the other eye....then take that corrected image into PP...I often have to borrow eye parts from other photos taken in other snaps taken during the same sessions. Next, the eyebrows look a little too much sharpened....then you might want to reduce the shine on the face....and last...there are some grey looking areas on face, neck and chest where shadows were brightened....after PP you can use your edit program to use a tool that will allow to select a nearby skin color and then change the grey area"" to "target". This will take it back to a more natural skin color withou changing the darkness or lightness of the area. Again....really good job!
Boy...my grammatical skills are not improving along with my PP skills....lol
Thanks Kat. Some of the skin stuff I saw afterwards, but I am still working on how to fix that stuff.
For some reason I neglected to whiten the eyes.
Thanks for the pointers.
I use GIMP to adjust the white balance before PP. I am slowly getting my feet wet with the other stuff in the program.
This photo was lit with a 67" fotodiox octabox. 85mm f1.4 Rokinon lens, Pentax KX, PBL 300w/s monolight
Hi Kat999,

I'm new here and so your review is the first post of yours that I have read.
If your post is indicative of the help available on this forum then I thank my lucky stars. WOW!

I hope you are keeping track of the photos and your suggestions as you will soon have a good ebook to publish that will really help many of us.

I don't mind making suggestions....I just go by what works for me and my own opinions....I am not a prof. photographer...I do photo restoration work....and I do use PP for that for some issues I run into. I do also use it for personal use on my photos and photos for friends and family. There are many folks on this site that are more knowledgable about this software and about photography in general. But, I'm glad you found something I said useful.