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Full Version: Docking and multiple monitors
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The manual says:
"The controls panel can be undocked (made into a separate window) by double clicking on the header at the top."
I can't seem to get this to work. Can someone post a screen grab of what they are clicking on to get the control panels separate?

when using multiple monitors, is there a way to flop the left and right screens within PP? I want the main preview window in the screen that it doesn't default  to (right) and the controls in the left.

I was assuming that individual controls could be undocked, not the entire control window. In Photoshop you can undock just one tool from the pile. For instance, can I undock just the "portrait improving sliders" from the rest?
In Portrait Professional you can only undock the entire set of controls. You can then have them in a separate screen from the main window.