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Full Version: what's the best file format to use...
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I use Olympus' (E1/E3/E5) and I know that PP Studio10 will open Oly's ORF.s (Olympus Raw File). However, it seems I'd best use Oly's Raw converter or LR3 rather than have PP10 convert the RAW image.
The question is what is best format to send to PP10? TIFF/JPEG, sRGB/aRGB/Prophoto and/or 8 bit or 16 bit?
Also should I be adding some (input) sharpening to the file or other things like contrast and or saturation before sending to PP10?
People will have lots of opinions about this, but I'd say try out the different options and see what workflow works best for you. If you convert the RAW first and save as a 16 bit tiff you will still be working with all the bits in the RAW file. Sharpening and contrast can be done before or after. (There are some picture contrast controls in Portrait Professional).

Hi Tony,
Thanks for your time.
I'm runnning XP pro.
I was hoping there was some consensus as to what formats were preferred by PP's processing engine.
Yes, I realize sharpening can be done afterwards but I wondered if sharpening an image prior to sending it to PP would help isolate/define (so to speak) the said imperfections so that PP can more easily recognize/process the imperfections. I typically add input sharpening to a file to compensate for the AC to DC conversions and final output sharpening at time of print.
Here's hoping the others are awake now and can chime in Wink
It's unlikely to make much of a difference processing wise if you sharpen before or after, unless your subject is badly out of focus. However, on balance I'd go for sharpening beforehand because then in PP you are judging your final output, so it will be easier to make those aesthetic choices you need to make in PP rather than having to bear in mind there is another processing step afterwards.