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No Forums About Problems with the software?
I was looking around and I cannot find a forum to share the problems that we users are having with PP!
I have been trying to install PP64Bit on a Windows 7 64 Bit try the automatic Activation and it doesn't work??!! I try the Manual activation and the PP software cannot read the text file where I wrote the Token Information......Do any body out there is having similar problems? Please let us know how you are solving this instalation. I am not getting any help from PP even so I had followed PP instructions to the letter. Need some help. Thanks
I'm using PP v10.1.6 (Standard version) on 64 bit Windows 7 with no problems.
When I installed it it installed to the Program Files (x86) directory so I'm assuming it's not 64 bit.
  I suggest you submit a ticket to support, this forum isn't monitored 24/7 by Anthopics' staff.
Hi DigitalJay,

What error message are you facing with automatic activation?

I am pasting a step-by-step guide so that you can try the manual activation again. Let me know if you need further help, by opening a support ticket.

The first thing to do is get the downloaded installation file on to your computer without Internet connection, which can be done with a memory stick or a CD. You can download it here:

Please go to your computer without Internet connection, run the install file and select Manual Activation. You will see your system fingerprint, which is a bundle of letters and numbers in groups of four.

Click the Copy to Clipboard button and open your notepad (Start - at the bottom of you screen, All Programs, Accessories, NotePad). Hold the keys Crtl + V to paste it. Save the document as key.txt

Now, go to your computer with Internet connection and go here:

Open your file key.txt and copy (Edit, select all, then Crtl + C keys) and Paste (Ctrl + V keys) the key into the box system fingerprint. Then, enter your token.
Click the Get key button, then the Download key button.
Copy the ppkey.txt file to your CD or memory stick drive and get the file onto your computer without Internet connection.

On your computer without Internet, run the install file again. Select Manual Activation. Open the ppkey.txt file and go to select all (Edit, select all). Then, Edit, Copy.

If you click the Paste Key from Clipboard button, Portrait Professional will activate your license.

Warm regards,
Anthropics Technology
Leo ........ how can I tell if my version of PP is x86 or x64 ??
Helo > About gives no indication.
The Studio 64 version is called Portrait Professioanl Studio 64 in the start menu, it also says "Studio 64 Edition" on the big logo in the main window when you open the software. If you can't see 64 anywhere then you probably have the 32 bit edition.

I only have the Standard version Tony so I guess it's 32 bit. Usually, when I install software, any software, if it's x86 I'm assuming it's 32 bit because of where it installs to i.e. Program Files (x86). 64 bit software installs to Program Files.

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