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modifying skin tone spot
Hi, I'm new to PP10. I have a spot darker spot on the skin that I would like to match the surrounding skin area. I have tried using the touch up brush but the area is still darker then the surrounding skin. Any way I can blend in the darker area so the outside skin tone matches?

The reason I got this area was I removed some hair using the touch up brush. Is there a better way of doing this?

It depends on the size of the spot. The larger the spot, the more difficult it will be.

To get the best results with the touchup brush, you need to be accurate with the brush and just select the dark area and nothing else around it.

If the patch is large try playing with the "Skin Smoothing" slider to see if that helps.

Otherwise, you could post the image here and we can take a look.

Hi Tony,

I tried the touch up brush. How can you get the area you remove with the touch up brush to match the surrounding area? I tried adjusting each individual slider in the Texture area which should affect the skin texture. However, this appears to affect all skin texture.

If I use the Touch up tool but it leaves smooth dark smug lines that are smooth and have no texture. Hence, they do not blend in with the sourrounding skin area.

In Photoshop there is a tool that you can use the clone an area. Is there something similar in PP?

I'm just trying to remove a small strand of hair. Is there not a good way to accomplish this in PP?

Using the touch-up brush should work OK, if the hair is surrounded by skin. The amount and appearance of the texture that the touch-up brush applies is controlled by the Texture sliders and Texture Type drop down in the Skin Controls section. To give any more advice than what I've already mentioned, I'd need to see the photo.


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