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Aperture Preset
madtrace Wrote:I picked up this info from the website and have installed the pugin, as I said in the original post to the supoort team which was marked urgent and has been 3 days in the response!!!!!!! When trying to edit an image from within aperture NOTHING HAPPENS a duplicate image is created but there are no menus or facilities to change the image other than the standard Aperture sliders !!!


I really am very unghappy I had a major job for a client that need alot of post production, so bought PP BUT IT FAILED to work within Aperture.

Leo Wrote:Hi,

Did you follow these instructions to install the plugin?

To install the Aperture plugin please follow these steps:

1. Open PortraitProfessionalStudio
2. Go to Preferences -> Plugin
3. In the 'Install Aperture Plug-in' section check that the plugin path is correct. The plugin should be installed in /Users/<your username>/Library/Application Support/Aperture/Plug-Ins.
    In case this path does not automatically show up in the textbox, or you have Aperture installed but you get the message "Aperture does not appear to be installed on your system", please browse manually to the location stated above.
4. Click the 'Install plug-in' button
5. You should get the "Plugin installed sucessfully" message. In case you get any errors please refer to our support team.
6. Your plugin should be ready to use now.

Warm regards,
Anthropics Technology

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