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overexposed and too bright face
Feb  2010


How do I darken a overexposed and too bright face in photo ?

Kind regards,
There are a variety of methods, depending on what image editing program you use (other than PP) to edit.
I use the NIK software suite as plugins for Aperture and Photoshop CS5, and always shoot in RAW so I can edit the exposure levels when opening my files.

If it's too far gone, with no detail, then you might have an issue getting the exposure down enough. Most of the imaging editors seem to mask the area with a "gray mask" to bring down the exposure.
The beauty of reality is that we are masters of its creation.
If it's just the skin you want to adjust the brightness of, you can use the sliders in the "Skin Lighting Controls". If it's the whole image, you can use the sliders in the "Picture Controls" section. For blown highlights on skin, you can use the touch-up brush, which will put realistic skin back in the blown area.

March 8 2011


Regarding a group photo with more faces.

Thank you, I learned to darken a overexposed and too bright face.
But when I save, all the other faces and the whole picture is also darkened.???

Kind regards,
Sounds like you used the darkening slider for the whole picture. The skin lighting controls affect just the areas marked as skin. If you select everyone's skin then you can use the skin lighting controls to darken everyone's skin at once.


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