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PP 10 Studio  Error message Image too large  Cannot save
admin Wrote:Hi everyone

We've made a new release of the software (10.1.3), which greatly improves the memory requirements over the 10.0 versions.   To get the new version go to Help > Check for updates.  This should help a lot of you out.  We are still looking at ways of decreasing the memory requirements further.  If you are still having memory issues, here are some tips in the meantime while we continue looking at the problem:

The undo stack of brush operations can take up space, so if you have trouble saving a jpg or tiff, try saving a PP file, close the software, re-load your PP file and try saving straight away.

Obviously 16 bit mode takes up twice as much memory as 8 bit mode, so try doing your RAW conversion first then use PP in 8 bit mode.

Thank you all for your patience,


Hi Tony

Thanks for your update on the issue.

I tested the new 10.1 version.

The memory requirement has improved indeed as you mentioned.

I was able to process a 6000 x 6440 pixel TIFF image of 113MB now.

The bigger original image of 7763 X 8332 pixels 189 MB is still a problem. I watched the Performance of the memory in my TaskManager and opened the extended memory source check as well. I noticed while PP 10.1 was processing it took about 1.2 GB of RAM at the last 90% of the proccessing step in PP and than PP ran out of memory as the message of PP stated.

However the Memory Source check in Task Manager showed only 62% of available physical RAM was used at that time PP ran out of memory. The total amount of RAM which is seen by TASK Manager is equal to 3GB.

So it seems that PP does not use all the RAM available.

I know that for 32 bits systems 2GB of virtual adress space may be used by user-processes like PP. So it looks PP does not completely benefit from that requirement.

I hope this information supports to a additional solution/fix of your developing team.

Kind Regrds,
Hans-Peter van den Berg

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