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PP 10 Studio  Error message Image too large  Cannot save
Thanks Tony. Of course, my dilemma is that I have images that are 5180 x 3450. Nowhere near the size of a medium format scan. And I can't get them to work either. Having to take them down to about 4500 x whatever. So rather than do my PP manipulation at the front of the workflow, I use other RAW based tools to do everything except the final retouching, and then take a TIFF image through PP to get my final image.

It seems this is the best way to integrate the stand-alone product into the workflow given the issues with size, EXIF information, and other things. I am not casting aspersions here, as I like the product and it's been mostly good for me. But the issues with the program do tend to dictate how and where it can be used in the workflow. I'm sure if I was using it in a professional capacity, I'd want a bit more flexibility in how the product fit into an overall workflow.

Hopefully, the programmers can get to grips with this soon.

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