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how to get started
I cannot find a place to get started. Can anyone tell me how to sign in to start my photo changes? I'm desperate.
Start by downloading the software and installing it on your computer. This is a link to the download page.

I have downloaded the page. When I correct a pic it still has T R I A L on it. How do I get this off and then save it to my pictures on my computer. Your instruction book does not give enough info. Also, I do not get a member page only the trial page. I want to send a corrected pic to someone this week and cannot figure out how to do this. Do you have a phone number for techical so that someome can actually walk me through this. Please email me a phone number. Thanks
The trial version doesn't let you save pictures. To save pictures you need to buy the full version. Click here to go to the page to buy the full verion.

i have bought the software, and can't find the instructions of where to actually put in my activation code and start using the program. is the stuff i bought  for $49.95 the "full version" or a part version? the instructions once you've paid are very very vague - non existent actually! help please
signed - desperate!
The full version and the trial version are separate downloads. Have you downloaded the full version? You will have needed to enter your activation token to download the full version. Please email me at support1234@anthropics.com and I will help you to get set up.
@ gayle54quilts in the second post by the administrator on this thread, Tony has posted a link to the download page.
I have the same problem. The link referred to in the 2nd post only allows me to download trial version again. No prompt to enter activation key. Can anyone help?
okay I just got sorted out

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