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Download Manual
kayleaner Wrote:I was reading in another reply that there is a manual that can be downloaded and printed, however when I click on it I am taken to the download a free trial instead. Anyone know where I can download a manual? I would love to have something to refer to on paper. Thanks so much!

I'm assuming your first language is English, if it is, I've uploaded the Help file to here http://rapidshare.com/files/418386801/PO...NGLISH.chm

This forum lacks the necessary tools to code links so it will have to be live.

Copy & paste the link into your browser and when the Rapidshare site opens up, if you have an account you can download the file immediately.  If you're using Rapidshare as a Free User you'll have a 30-second count down until the download link appears.
I tried to convert the CHM to a PDF for you too but my converter was having a day off !!

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