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How to stop PP from changing the colors in a photo
Is there a way to stop PP from changing the colors in a photo? After I have finished enhancing a photo in PP Studio and then save it, when PP closes and the photo is back in Photoshop, the colors change to look overly saturated and fake. I have color management turned off. Can anyone help me with this?

Also, I only have a "save and close" option not "save as". I need help with this as well. Thanks
When using Portrait Professional as a plugin the menu will have a "save and close" option and not a "save as". This is how we designed the plugin to work. Using "save and close" will return the result to Photoshop. Having any other save options at this point would be confusing we think.

The color profile used by the plugin is the color profile in the picture that is sent to the plugin by Photoshop. You were saying you have color management turned off, but there are no color management options in the plugin. Instead color management is controlled by Photoshop itself. Have you turned color management off in Photoshop?


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