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Portrait Professional Studio
Do any of you use Portrait Professional? What are your thoughts on it?
Background: I don't do a lot of portrait shots, but I like to do them from time to time... I generally edit with Lightroom.
Following, I have been curious about this software as well. I use Capture One and Photoshop.
I am following, I usually use Capture One and then Photoshop to do the heavy lifting. Trying to see if Portrait Professional Studio allows to keep the natural look of the person rather then just a overall smoothing.
I'm in the same boat Duane. I'm all about reducing the number of apps I have to use to finish up a project.
    I'll just pop in here to say I only have rare occasions to do portraits per se, I am a sports and event shooter. This photo was taken at an event using some bounce fill flash, Photoshop CS5, using Portrait Pro as a photoshop plugin, to adjust skin/color etc. By the way, I did not change her eye color.

Boy these forums are slow/dead. Would think there would be more interest as I think this is a good product, used by thousands of people around the world.
I too am interested in incorporating this software in my workflow. I mainly am in photoshop and Capture one at the moment.

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