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Upgrade purchase and token confusion
Dan ST Wrote:I just purchased the upgrade from PP Studio 8 to 9 but I am unable to download and apply proper license/token. I follow the instructions and insert the token of the existing PP 8, but I get an error message -apparently I inserted the wrong token -but that is the only token my license lists along with old v 6.1 PP versions.

I have sent a message to support, so I'm not asking for a solution here. I'm simply pointing out that PP upgrading method is the most frustrating and confusing that I have ever used with any product.  You would be challenged to make it any worse.

Here is how it should be done:

1 You type in your contact information and your current license/token number and PP database verifies that you are a license owner. You now type in the code you received after making your upgrade purchase.
2 You download your program.
3 Then you activate it.

No, this is not how it works at this point.

I received a reply from PP support within 6 hrs with all of the necessary information and license/token numbers, so it only took 2 minutes to complete the upgrade licensing, to start downloading the new version. After installing the program I simply entered the token that the e-mail had sent me.

Why didn't the upgrade work right from the start? I needed to use a token that the licensing management utility did not give me.

In conclusion, the upgrade/licensing can work easily and fast -but not unless all of the necessary information is not made available by the utility that PP tells you to use.

PP support (Leo) is very fast and effective. Give that man a raise!

Thanks for listening,


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