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Poll: Do you think saving the mask would be a good Feature?
Yes! Absolutely.
No, I'm good without it.
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Save masks back to Photoshop
The background masking in v17 works great.  I would like to be able to save the created mask back to photoshop or at least copy it to save as a channel and use it when returned from the plugin.

Agreed this would be a good idea. Also reiterate that pp should be available as a smart filter.
Yes, fully agree. If it can't do that, at least allow saving in PNG format so that I can integrate it into my workflow. Otherwise, it is just standalone and not much use in my case as I use PP almost exclusively as a plugin.
This would be SOOO helpful. It would give us the ability to save the mask so that we could later change the background as desired - without having to process the image over again.
Technically, PP is already a smart filter, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. If you go back later to make a correction or adjustment the program starts up all over again and you lose all your adjustments.
When using antique photos for reference do you do the portrait in color or monotone like the photo? Not a commission just my ancestors.

Carol M

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