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Copy/Import Presets from V15 to V17
I've upgraded PP Studio Max ver. 15 to the new ver. 17.  None of my presets from V.15 are coming up any longer. Is there a way to copy/import the presets from V.15 to V.17? Or, do I have to recreate them all in V. 17?
I had the same issue. I posted this question twice to tech support. They refer me to copy usersavedsliders folder from v15 to the v17's userpresets folder. But all of the v15 presets were lost. I couldn't find them anywhere on my computer. I can't even go back to v15, because the activation token is no longer valid.

These folders can be found under (most likely under C: drive in most cases):

Let me know if you have any luck.

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