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V 17 color shift
Since I upgraded to PPV17 images brought in by plugin CS6 are extremely red and over-saturated.
I've tried disabling color management in PP preferences with no luck.
My color space in CS6 is adobe rgb. I tried making the color space in PP preferences adobe rgb-no luck.
This is very frustrating as I was not getting this issue with the previous PP version. Only V17.

This seems to be a software issue.
Any chance we can get this fixed soon please?
(01-04-2018, 11:32 PM)morad Wrote: I tested the PP Studio Version 17.1.3 on my Mac Pro 2012/El Capitan and color shift still happened-Sad

This issue is very frustrating since we are dealing with flesh tones.  What's the point of color-calibrating our monitors.  
I love Portrait Pro and use it every day, but this color shift issue in PPv17 is unacceptable in our workflow.
PP v17 is supposed to produce a more realistic flesh tone, but the previous version was much better.
Anthropics, if you are monitoring this forum, please lend us some help with a fix.

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