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Photos opened from LR are over saturated
When I open a Raw file from LR Cc as an external editor the before photo is noticeable you more saturated than the one from LR. I’ve tried changing the external editor settings which don’t make any difference . I also messed with the PPro color manager prefs an I haven’t seen any diff if the color manager is on. The same issue happens when I edit a tif using the PS plugin. The end result is not over saturated when it ends back in LR or PS . This is on a color calibrated setup using a MBPro and color munki. 

The software is not great if I can’t see what the colors actually are.

Any ideas?
PP seems to need a color profile embedded in order to render the colors correctly. In Lightroom, when you export even a RAW file, you need to have the color profile specified. I usually go with Adobe RGB, which seems to work. Even safer is sRGB. When I do not specify a color profile on export from either PhotoShop or Lightroom, I get the same unwanted saturation effects you are experiencing.

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