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Problem with Plugin after Upgrade to New Photoshop and LR Classic
I just upgraded Photoshop and Lightroom to the latest versions and now PortraitPro no longer works as a plugin to either program.  PortraitPro works fine as a standalone, though. 

I ran the PhotoshopPluginInstaller program to reregister PortraitPro as a plugin, but that did not work with Photoshop nor Lightroom.  I also tried reinstalling PortraitPro, but that did not reregister the program as a plugin, either.  

Any suggestions?
I managed to partially solve my problem. The PhotoshopPluginInstaller could not find the Photoshop plugin folder after upgrading Photoshop so it automatically selected the Adobe Common Plugins folder or it created its own Photoshop folder. Selecting manually select folder in the PhotoshopPluginInstaller allowed me to install the plugin in the right place for Photoshop. I haven't found the right folder for Lightroom Classic, though, so I can't get PortraitPro to work with LR yet.

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