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Adding an open eye to a closed eye profile shot

I'm stuck - hope you can help! 

I have a profile shot of myself where my eye is closed. I just can't figure out how to open it. I have tried several times to set the eye area with the blue lines and have done so very carefully, but no eye is added, not even in full face sculpt (and anyway, I don't really want to use full sculpt).

Is there any way to open a closed eye in a profile shot? Step-by-step instructions would help!


I may not know of other options, but as far as I know if the eye is closed, PP can't open it and provide an eye for you.

Other possible options would be to use Photoshop or a similar program to use other methods for making the photo with both eyes open. I have taken photos before of two or three people grouped in a photo, where in say, three photos I took of them, one person or another blinked. I just took either the eyes or the entire head of one person and transferred it into one of the other photos so that everyone's eyes were open. (: None of the people in the photo were the wiser of what had been done.

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