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Unable to save .png's (either 8 or 16-bit). They end up with zero size. Operator err?
When I attempt to save an original .tif with PP changes as a .png, the Save shows a Progress Bar which disappears. However, then I see the error message:
Failed to write PNG file (could not create file): and then file name.

If I check the directory, there is a .png of zero size.

This happens with both 8-bit and 16-bit per channel .png's.  

Am I doing something wrong? Operator Error?

Saving as .tiff works fine, so I'll continue with that.
Submitted "Support Ticket" to resolve.

Anyone else encountered this? Am I the only one with this issue?

My interest in .png is somewhat academic/curiosity, but also I might incorporate into my still evolving work-flow to keep straight what is going on, such as:
.dng --> .tiff intermediate --> .ppx project/session file --> .png final to use with Lightroom for printing.


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