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HowTo? Help PP find multiple faces? Possible to provide 'hint' that 2 or 3+ exist?
Rusty ver 9.8 owner
Newbie with trial of v15 Studio

Other than some glitches, I'm so far relatively impressed with the improvements made from ver 9 to ver 15.

However, I am so far less than impressed at how inconsistently PP-15 does with recognizing a photo with multiple faces. So far, it seems it recognizes only one face in about half of the photos.

These aren't tricky photos, with faces partially obscured. Instead, the faces are intentionally distinct and separate in the photos I'm "getting up to speed with".

Am I doing something wrong? PEBKAC?

Is there a setting for PP to "try harder" to find multiple faces?

Is there way to provide a "Hint" to PP that the photo contains multiple faces? Or better, that it contains [fill-in-the-blank] faces, such as 3?

If not, could this be a "Feature Request" to allow a "Hint" on how many faces to look for?

Or perhaps something like: 
  • For the "Next Face" and if no other face found
  • User would draw a quick rectangle around the region where another face was.
  • PP would looks for eyes, noses, outlines, hair, etc. inside the boundaries of the rectangle.
  • Once a "face" is found, PP seems to do a good job of finding the facial features.
Another "Feature Request"?
For the Studio Max version, a feature request might involve allowing the end-user to specify the number of males, females, boys, and girls in the Summary window ... perhaps also with "hints" as to which are in profile.

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