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HowTo? RAW/DNG work-flow possible? Or masks for .psd or .tif that requires PhotoShop?
  • Very rusty PortraitPro (PP) 9.8 owner, and never used PP 9 that much to gain proficiency. 
  • Subscribe to Adobe CC with PS, ACR, Bridge, and LR. 
  • Mostly use ACR with "Adjustment Brush" with reduced clarity and sharpness to improve skin.
  • Sorry if this has been asked before. 
 I'm considering an upgrade from ver 9.8 to ver 15. The  v15 trial seems strictly for 8-bit .tif's and/or .jpg's (maybe .png's?) so I can't investigate what a "raw work-flow" would look like.
Can PP Studio or Studio-Max open RAW/DNG files, and the results stay as a .dng (or .cr2 for Canon or .arw for Sony)? 
Or does the image have to be output "destructively" as a .tif or .jpg or .png for subsequent edits? 
Can you "non-destructively round trip" back to ACR or LR and continue dealing with .DNG's?
Or is some magic involved with "smart objects"?
My less-than-informed speculation is that the processed image would perhaps generate some kind of "layer mask" for Photoshop within a .psd or .tif. 

Or not? Am I being "unclear on the concept" of how PP works with RAW's? Clueless?

Is there a video and/or tutorial that demonstrates working with RAW files?

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