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Intro (and using as Sandbox)
Very rusty with Portrait Pro (PP) ver 9.8 
  • And never really used it that much to gain proficiency
  • Considering upgrade to ver 15
  • Subscribe to Adobe Photoshop CC with ACR, LR, Bridge, and PS
  • Canon and Sony full frame DSLR's
Volunteer photographer for variety of non-profits
  • Portraits tend to be "cattle call" of informal photo booth
  • Two or three minutes per group max while people in line are getting impatient and the rest of the program is about to start
  • Example would be "Ladies Tea" with individuals, friends, two generations, three generations, four generations
  • Typically upload to password protected photo sharing site, and often bring in prints the next day or next meeting
  • Or candids like last two weeks taking thousands of photos of 60 Chinese foreign exchange students at different events

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