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Activation problem again
The activation system is broken. I love this software, it enables me to speed up editing portraits and such, but the activation system needs fixing pronto. Once again, it's complaining that I need to activate it, but won't activate it because it's already activated... ON THE SAME MACHINE. So I submitted a help ticket... and have to wait for Anthropics to get back to me.

This has happened to me with the previous version as well. v15 has been asking for activations every time I launch it, and usually it remembered my token so I just clicked OK and went on, but this time it won't let me activate my already activated software.
On January 8th had a awful time trying to up grade to V15. Would get error messages no token entered. invalid token, token already used. Sent in a support ticket and Erika fixe it up for me . Very frustrating but love the software.

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