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ugly black lines

I Have PP not so long and I am experimenting.
On a moment I have seen uglu black lines in or near the eys.
So I started more experimenting, with the anchorpoints.
when I put the anchor points in the white suuroundings of the eye , then the black lines are at minimum.
also restore all sliders to minium or clear would not help.
When the anchorpoints or lines are on the flesh-margin from the eye, then there is more black.
I have also seen, that after the picture is send to the server, that the lines from the anchorpoints are not excatly on the same place.

this picture:http://members.chello.nl/f.egelie/Diversen/PP.jpg
gives a small example with all sliders at minium.
So, under other circomstancies there is more black.

what to do ?

Frits Egelie

P.S, could it be possible on the next update, to have more anchorpoints ?
Hi there Egelie,

I've had a look at the example you posted. The black lines are due to the red eye reduction. If the eye points are placed outside of the white of the eyes, and the face is particularly red, then the red eye darkening algorithm can mistakenly darken particularly red skin. To fix it, either un-check the red-eye box, or move the anchor points so they only cover the whites of the eyes.

Hope that helps.

you are right. I have set all sliders at minimum, but forgotten the red eye flag.
It was a old un-corrected face of me. The skin was indeed to red.
Thanks, I know now more!

Frits Egelie

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