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How to Smooth Arms and Legs + Faces
Have PP12 Studio on Windows 7.

I am able to get the faces to come out nice... and there are a lot of tools to use for that. However, in many cases, in the summer, I get a lot of bikini type images or images where the short sleeves are exposing the arms.

My use of PP12 does not get these other skin areas to match the quality of the face skin. Its almost like PP12 just works on faces only...and my arms and legs do not get the benefit of looking equally as well.

Am I doing something wrong, or forgetting something...or might this be normal for a program called Portrait Professional?


You can always extend the skin mask so that your arms and legs are selected, this way any changes made in the Skin Smoothing controls will also be applied to other skin areas.

To do this zoom out of the image till you can see all of the skin area you want to smooth out, open Skin smoothing controls > View/Edit Area > use the Extend brush to select any skin areas missed > it might be helpful to select a solid color to make the skin mask more visible.

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