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Ver 12 vs Ver 11
Hi BillS22,

I tend to agree with you - although some improvements have been made in the latest updates for version 12 as per my finding (I have not seen any official release notes for the v12 updates unfortunately).

Are you running the latest version of v12?

Also I have changed my default to have face sculpting turned off (already had that off with version 11) and for version 12 additionally I turned off the new lightning feature. I have saved that as a new preset and made it the default preset to be used.
I found that with lightning you can dramatically change the impression of a face - up to a level where it feels like you are looking at a totally different person.

So in V12 my default is to have lightning turned off and from time to time I add some very minor lightning.

With those settings I´m happy with v12 compared to v11 and I´m able to keep the overall natural look. I like some of the other improvements of v12.

Regards - MacSass

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Ver 12 vs Ver 11 - BillS22 - 03-20-2014, 03:18 AM
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