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Limited posting Problem
Hi there yesterday I answered two posts then I wanted to ask a few questions but message says I was at my limit at of 8 posts.Sad
all I done was answer or update the posts I had,which was only two so were does the 8 come from
I could not do anything till 24hrs have pastSad
back to my original complaint or moanSad when anything goes wrong with either trying to register or now it seems the system can not count by 2 posts when it says I had reached my limit?????? lolBig Grin
so could you please confirm Is the user limited on post or is it just because I'm a newbie poster, and have to be monitored or somethingBig Grin
also when things do go wrong there is no one you can contact about the problem
no direct admin: or mod: contact say by email: you are left frustrated for however long.

what happens if you post for help and it ends up in a two way help post does that mean you get cut of, for 24hrs before you can't answer????
Please advise Thank You
Tom G
P.S. surely as a newbie I would have more questions than a seasoned user and limited to 8 post over 24hrs well????????????? I ask you??????
Hi Tom,

I have no idea how the system count! But can appreciate your frustration.

If it is a system error, always go to support and raise a ticket. If it is a general message for help, do post it here.... sorry your quota exceeded! But perhaps it is the way how this forum ask you to try harder before you post! Smile

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