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RAW Files Appear Dull
I'm having the same Dull issue... The photos look great in PortraitPro but as soon as they are saved it's like they turn grey... How did you all fix this issue? HELP!!
A new version of PP has just been released. Download it and give it a try.
Semi-newbie with v15 StudioMax ... sorry to be opening a rather "stale" post from last year. 

I think this is inherent when the input file to P.P. is a type of RAW (including .DNG's).

What happens is that the adjustments you make to the RAW are effectively non-sticky and "lost" when the file is opened by P.P.

More Than You Ever Wanted To Know ? sorry ...

You can test this by deliberately under-exposing an image by several stops, having a wrong choice for WB like Incandescent outside, and also leaving a lot of empty space around a subject. You can use Canon's DPP, Adobe's ACR/LR and then proceed with cropping, WB, exposure corrections, etc. all you want, but when you open the file in PP, all those are typically lost. Adios?

If you are using Canon .cr2's, you could see what happens if you use Bridge + ACR on the .cr2's, Save, and then use Adobe DngConverter to generate .dng's. However, I still suspect that the ACR changes aren't "baked into" the resulting .dng's that P.P. would open. 

P.P. isn't nearly as powerful for making those basic edits as ACR/LR/DPP since it is specialized for faces. My impression is that when working with RAW's, it expects a RAW that is very close to suitable exposure and WB and cropping OOC (out of camera). I haven't had that much success trying to use "Picture Controls", especially with UniWB and ETTR.

The work-flow I'm evolving is getting away from .DNG's being "fed" to P.P. and instead generating .TIFF's from the .DNG to "feed" into P.P. I'm not thrilled by that, but that seems to be the nature of plug-ins that don't "round trip" back to RAW/DNG's (start with a RAW, end with a RAW)

I'm more familiar with ACR than LR. My impression is that LR has a more advanced "History" so that .TIFF's can be treated quasi-non-destructively, as least as far as SnapShots, Virtual Copies, and reverting to earlier versions. Of course, .TIFF's tend to be Much Larger than RAW's ... perhaps a factor of 5x?

I'm mostly ignorant about Adobe "Smart Objects", but that might be a way to get quasi-non-destructive edits with P.P. in the work-flow.

I've just barely testing using P.P. as a Plug-In to Photoshop. My speculation is that on the "Return from P.P.", you have a new Layer, perhaps with Layer Mask ... and Very Large .tiff files. That allows real non-destructive edits, but involves the complexity of Layers.

Hope I'm mistaken and there is a viable work-flow involving RAW "round-trips". I do find I learn more when I'm mistaken ... and I'm not very far along on the P.P. learning curve.
My workflow has been to open the CR2 in LR CC and then adjust everything on the RAW file there. I then save the .DNG to open in PP and make final adjustments there with the main features. Given the limited options within PP I would prefer to use the power of the Adobe LR editing power rather than a few sliders in a software that is more tuned to the facial beautification of portraits etc.

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