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Poll: Would you find body sculpting useful?
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Yes: I would find it useful
559 96.05%
No: There are other things I would rather you did
23 3.95%
Total 582 vote(s) 100%
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Should we add body sculpting to Portrait Professional?
One thing I noticed this morning when working on a portrait was how wrinkled an older lady neck looked compared to her face. When I used the touch up brush it made it all blurry and it didn't look very good. I tried it again with 25 strength and it still didn't look right, too blurry.
It'd be nice to have more options included in the touch up brush like geared specifically towards wrinkles or freckles where ever they are on the body. Make the skin look more real.

I think body sculpting is a great idea. Hopefully you will have a better skin makeover brush for different areas of the body to improve the skin texture and take out wrinkles, freckles and etcetera without it looking too blurry or fake. And of course, adding details like an 8 pack or even a six-pack stomach muscles would be great too. Have more clearer definition of muscles on men as well as women. Add a nice tan to body areas.

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