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Poll: Would you find body sculpting useful?
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Yes: I would find it useful
559 96.05%
No: There are other things I would rather you did
23 3.95%
Total 582 vote(s) 100%
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Should we add body sculpting to Portrait Professional?
If you are employed by the likes of Playboy, Penthouse etc. and are the one responsible for the "air brushing" of your subject matter to (a) appeal to the readers or (b) to boost the egos of the pinups then a body sculpting tool would be really useful. However, if PP had a body sculpting tool and I (for example) "body sculpted" my wife/daughter/girlfriend I think they would be insulted if I sculpted them to look like what I wanted instead of what they actually look like.
Having said that, PP would be more useful with the added function. PP works pretty well with animals (cats & dogs) and inanimate objects (cars, trees etc) it just needs a bit of experimentation is all.

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