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Weird artefacts on export
I have a problem with PP11. It seems to be unreliable. Though the image appears fine on export, artefacts can appear on re-import into LightRoom. Even after re-doing the tiff export, re-process, and everything all independent of the first attempt, this line across the eye appears (see below). I've also had a problem with the mouth controls. Not only can it sometimes create an unsightly blur-line (see below), but also introduces horrible noise and weird discolouration of teeth. How can I prevent these problems? It doesn't happen on every image, but on enough for me to hold up publishing a whole batch until I can ensure each is fine and fixed. The images below were taken in March, and I still haven't been able to publish them.



Don't know about the eye problem in the first image but the second image is almost certainly being spoiled because of inaccurate placement of the blue defining lines.
Hi JapanesePhotos,

Apologies for the delay in responding, I'm looking into these issues right now.

For the mouth issue you're having, I believe that it may appear as you would like it to if you move the outline to match the mouth in the "Before" view or before the enhancement stage. The blur can be removed by going to the Face Sculpt Controls and reducing the Blur Lip Line Slider.

I'll investigate the eye issue you're experiencing and hopefully return with something.

Apologies again for the inconvenience.


Anthropics Technology Ltd.
Hi JapanesePhotos,

The outline control for the mouth needs to be quite accurate. Otherwise, you will experience the issue you are facing.

Regarding the eye, can you please check the skin area (Hide Skin Smoothing Controls->View/Edit Skin Area). I suspect the lower part of eye could have been marked as skin. If that is true, just "Cut Back".
Thanks all for your replies. Regarding the eye lines, the eye-outline line, was placed similarly to the sample image, so it traces the borders of the eyelids (top and bottom). So, Williamting, after trying again, and following your suggestions, the line still appears there.

As for the mouth, regardless of where I put the lines, that harsh blur line idiosyncratically appears. Not on all images, but is consistent in which image it spoils, so regardless of second or third attempts to re-process them.

FYI, my work flow is
1. Import raw into LightRoom (.ARW, 24mp files, at 4000x6000)
2. Select photos to process
3. Select photos for PP export and export (TIFF, 16bit, Adobe RGB 1998, 300ppi)
4. Make PP-based adjustments
5. Save (with unique filename as TIFF, 16bit, uncompressed)
6. Reimport into LR.
7. ...

But it's after step 5 that the problem(s) appears, even before step six is done.
Hi JapanesePhotos,

Not sure whether you have misunderstood me. Would you try this: Skin Smoothing Controls->View/Edit Skin Area

Change color from Default to perhaps Solid Red. Can you see her right eye clearly now? If not, click on Cut Back button and move the cut back pointer on the eye which is giving you problem. If the problem persist, I afraid this may be an issue which is beyond us.

Regarding the mouth issue, I afraid I run out of idea. Perhaps one more last try, you merge the inside lines of the upper and lower lips (ie, close mouth) and check out whether the issue remains. The only draw back with this is that you cannot "adjust" her teeth!

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