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Outline adjustment skipped in 11.2.9
since 11.2.9 when I open a picture PP starts to look for the face, it then asks me to select the gender (female / male) and then right away jumps to the editing module.

Before 11.2.9 I was able to adjust the outlines after selection of the gender and then had to go to the next step, after I made the outline adjustments.

Was this change made intentionally?
I prefer to double check that the face detection has placed the outlines correctly and then I move manually. With the new version I always have to go back after PP moves me to the editing module ...

Might be easier for some new users - but allows less control as they won´t know if the face detection worked correctly.

As said - I preferred the previous behaviour and would like to see it come back.

Regards - MacSass
Hi Admin,

any feedback regarding this? 11.2.10 has the same issue.
I currently have to work on many pictures and having to go back each time to adjust outlines is a rathter annoying change for me - if this was a planned feature and not a bug.

Best regards - MacSass
Hi MacSass,

In the new version, there is a "View Before and After" and "View After Only" tabs on the top left side of the picture. I found that if I am in "View Before and After" view, I could now interactively adjust the outlines and see the result immediately. I just wonder whether you have used this tab. I used it all the time to fine tune face sculpture.
Hi Williamting,
yes - I´m aware of that feature and agree that this can be very helpful to adjust outlines later on for certain desired effects.

Just for me it does not replace the initial correction of the automatically found outlines as at least for my PC and images it is way slower than doing the outline correction before PP starts doing the adjustments (when I move a point in before-after it takes about 1-2 seconds before PP has rendered the changes and allows me to move the next point).

So with the latest release my workflow is :
- Open image
- After PP has found the face automatically, select gender
- PP renders the face and jumps to adjustment module
- I go back to previous step
- I do my outline adjustmens
- I go "next" to get the changes rendered and me to the adjustment module to make needed editing on the face

With previous versions of V 11 it was:
- Open image
- After PP has found the face automatically, select gender
- Make outline adjustments
- Klick "next" for PP to render and go to adjustment mode

Not a huge issue, but some additional backtracking I need to do for each picture, since this was changed in the latest 2 updates

Regards - MacSass

PS: We are still missing the promised update changes anyhow Cool
Hi All

I agree, the outline adjustment feature was one of the better features available. I am currently using Version 11.3.3 as a plug-in from Photoshop CS5.5 and this feature is still missing. However, I have just discovered a workaround as follows...

1. Open the image in Portrait Pro and allow it to find the face(s) in your image
2. When presented with the 'Select Gender' dialogue box click 'cancel'
3. Portrait Pro will take you to your image with the face selected
4. Click 'Select' and you will go back to the 'Select Gender' dialogue
5. This time actually select the gender of the face you want to work with

This will now take you to the adjust outlines page as per the previous versions.

I realise this is not an ideal solution but it does work
Hi TerryMC,

good catch - thanks for the notice, this is helpful.

This is in deed faster than my current procedure with going back after PP has rendered the first outline - saves me some seconds for each picture.

Although I still prefer the old way of being able to adjust outlines before PP renderes it ... would be nice if that could be changed back, or if this was done intentionally offer it as an option.

Any feedback from the developers on their opinion on this request would be appreciated (as would be the release notes for the last releases Rolleyes

Thanks - MacSass
Hi MacSass,

I just realised that I missed your earlier response. In this forum, I always click "View New Posts" and for some reason, it can miss out new post!

MacSass, for your requirement, there is perhaps a way which is almost the same as v10 or earlier.

If selecting "Cancel", TerryMc correctly pointed out that it will bring you to the outline which is automatically detected. Sometime, the selection is not good and you prefer to do it yourself!

On the same dialog box where you are asked to select the gender after the face is found, there are two buttons, one is "Cancel" (pointed out by TerryMC), and another is "Discard Outline". You should select "Discard Outlines" and this would bring you back to the "good old days"!

I am just wondering why are the two buttons not aligned together.

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Hi Williamting,

thanks for the hint - but I actually do like the automatic detection of outlines - I just want to be able to fine tune them, befor PP moves on to the next step.

Since the last updates, after selecting the gender PP moves directly to the next step, while before it allowed me to adjust outlines and then click "next".

TerryMC proposed a workaround that I now use and works fine for me - it´s basically only two clicks more than before - not a big deal compared to having to wait for PP to render the the picture and then go back ...

Regards - MacSass
Hi MacSass,

I see what you mean! Yes, indeed, TerryMC workaround would be the choice if you do like the automatic detection of outlines.

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