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Something different
Looking from the artistic point of view, it is very nice! Looks like a painting. I like it. So PP is not limited to just human!
That's so cool!
My friend i am new here, this is my first post, but i feel the need to tell you congratulations!
amazing, just amazing.
very ''out of the box'' thinkig approach and this is what i was looking for.
i havent tried the PP yet (i will try it today) but i think that i will buy it just from this lion image, well done, really well done.
Thanks for the compliments. I mainly used the hair smoothing tool. When I saw the rough hair on that lion, I thought I'd give it a real test. I was kind of surprised at the results.
It's the magic of photo editing. Photo editing is amazing thing, we can do anything with photos by editing.
This is great the best i've seen till now Smile.

Was this done solely with Portrait Professional, which settings do you use.
Go to Hair Controls->View/Edit Hair Area (and select all the hair - in this case fur) ->Go to Hair Tidying Controls and adjust the slider for Smooth Hair.

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