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Two problems with the software has popped up?
SadI've just started having two issues I don't understand....this past week, I can't cut back any of the area in the "hair" section. Just can't remove any of the purple areas...I've never had this problem before....and the other glitch is...I've had great outcome with the red eye removal and with the eye coloring...now if I just use the red eye removal...my red eyes turn to green pupils...and if I use the eye color change feature...my pupils are the only thing that changes color...not the iris (and I would like to have my pupils go back to turning black like they did before)...I have my pupils and irises lined up corectly just as I have always done...this problem with the hair and the eyes started at the same time...any clues as to what could be happening to my software?

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Two problems with the software has popped up? - macs mom - 04-17-2009, 08:39 AM

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