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(12-18-2012, 02:44 PM)dcyphert Wrote: this issue with the "fingerprint switching system" being installed on users machines is an issue and should be addressed. If someone buys the v64 v11 version as I did and install it on a brand new Windows 7 OS then why is there a "fingerprint switching system" installed on my machine.
I guess you misunderstood this. There is no "fingerprint switching system" installed on your computer. Instead, software like this usually takes into account some of the hardware that is installed on your computer (and maybe some other characteristics of your system that normally don't change) and calculates a "fingerprint" from it, a number or string that identifies your system.

This fingerprint can e.g. change when you change your mainboard, your CPU, the amount of RAM, maybe even when you use a different user account (depending on what Anthropics used to calculate the fingerprint).

What the support meant when mentioning the "fingerprint switching system" is that your system seems to change in such a way that the fingerprint differs when calculating the fingerprint again. Maybe something like a swappable hard drive was taken into account that you plugged on or off after the registration, and now the fingerprint is not the same, so PortraitProfessional "thinks" it's on a different computer.

Could you think of anything that you changed on your system before the problem occurred?

You have moved the mouse. Windows must be restarted for the changes to take effect.

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