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Issues with v11 on OSX 10.7
I've been running PP 10.8 Studio on my Mac and it works great, have had no issues with it. I took the bait and updated to 11 Studio last night and while I like the new options available, it was just too buggy. I uninstalled it and reinstalled 10.8 and tried some of the images I was having trouble with in 11 and it just worked.

With 11 there were issues with the face reshaping being distorted, in an image with more than one person, the person who was processed first, the color would shift to a brownish/gray when I would attempt to process the second person. (made 2 attempts at this and it happened both times. And at one point it crashed. I really like where you are going with the new features but it needs to be stable.

Since I have paid for the upgrade, will I still be able to do an update once a stable version is released without paying any additional cost?

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