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Version 11 doesn't work same images as v10, do I a need refund
I purchased the upgrade to version 11studio. I tried the new version on the same images I worked on with version 10 studio to compare. Now on saving, not while itis running funnily enough, it demands an upgrade to version studio64. I have been using it on windows 7 64 since first using it. Same file sizes I have worked on for over a year and a half and now it gives me the same out of memory error. The funny thing is, the memory limit is backwards. If I have a 64 bit system more memory is available. It is just a sales ploy obviously. If I had been informed before purchase that the artificial limit had been imposed and I had only the choice to upgrade to the studio 64 I may have considered it, but now they want another $85 to $95 dollars to use it.
Is the artificial limit going to be removed or will I need to go back to version 10 and get a refund.
Wow! No answer here from Portrait Professional! Why not???

I'm considering buying PP Studio version 11 and I'm running Windows 7 64bit .
Does this mean I cannot use PP Studio for Win7 64? will I be forced to upgrade (spending another $80) ???? Hello???
From my experience, out of memory could be the disk buffer is out of space. I can't remember under what condition I got this problem and at one time a few months ago, I need to restart PP after every photo because of problem which has nothing to do with PP.

When PP is editing an image, it creates a temp file which is quite large on the system disk space.

By the way, a 64-bit windows does not imply that all the memory can now be accessed by any application. The application itself must be 64-bit also in order to fully utilise the extra space available. Otherwise, the limit is still on 32-bit, which is 2GB.

I am using PP studio V11 32-bit version shortly after it was released and had since upgraded my system disk. After editing near to 500 photos, I have not encountered any memory issue. My largest image is 39M Pixel.
Williamting ... Thanks for the info 8-)

I just shot an event for my company (They love it when it's for free) with my Canon 5d Mkiii / 24-105mm F4 lens ... Amazing IQ ... too much for non professional / no makeup shots! I could use the photos for medical school hair/pore examinations ... so will be getting the Studio 32bit version for starters to smooth out skin tones, etc.

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