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Undoing without quitting
I use a Wacom tablet, and occasionally it gets sticky and doesn't release the cursor. Recently it pulled one lip line too far away from the face. Doing that made the program (Portrait Professional Studio Edition v11.1.2) assume the mouth was closed (when it wasn't), dropping one of the 4 lip lines. I couldn't get one of the lip lines back. Using the back button brought me to the male-female dialog, but all the blue lines stuck to where they were before I went BACK. I still had only 3 lip lines, not 4.

The only way I could actually undo what I needed was to quit and relaunch the PS plug-in.

Why can't we go back and have the program undo when we do?

Which version are you using? On V10, using the Back button went back one step to the eye outline.

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