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PP returns an image shaded on the skin area
I just got PP studio 15 and tried using it as a plugin to lightroom cc (which is set up with prophoto rgb 16 bit) I got the plugin enabled and get the portrait looking really good in PP when I save it back to lightroom as a TIFF it is about a stop darker and the tonal qualities are off (more red/magenta) especially noticeable in the highlight areas. From research I see that PP apparently has no prophoto rgb color space I agree with others that it should be added.. My question for right now is what's a work around... I don't want to change all my LR photos to another color space.. I don't really want to change the portraits I process in PP either but it looks like there isn't an alternative so what are the best recommendations? thanks...
Add my voice to a request for ProPhoto RGB or Adobe 98 colour space.
I just upgraded from 12 to Studio Max and I'm having this same problem. Support asked me to remove all old versions and reinstall which I did. That did not solve the problem and now I can't get 12 back. I do not use as a plugin but as a stand alone.

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