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PP returns an image shaded on the skin area
I also get a red cast and the contrast pops off the chart on some images. Finding that it's better if I don't touch an image in PS before using PP...still, some faces look like they have thick make-up masks. On return to PS, reduce saturation and re-set color...add cyan and a tiny touch of green. Would love a hint from PP to setup that program and not have to spend time redoing each image.
Hello everyone,

Many apologies in the delay in response. We had previously thought this issue was resolved in 11.1.2. We'll do whatever we can to recreate and resolve the problem. Would it be possible to get a copy of the image you're using to create this issue sent to support1234@anthropics.com and marked for Arjun? All images will only be used for testing and deleted once used. If you could add a few lines with your workflow, so that we can see the path to recreation that would be incredibly helpful. Once again, we're deeply sorry that you're still being affected by this problem and that your use of Portrait Professional has been hampered by this.

Anthropics Technology Ltd.
Lightroom data:
Lightroom version: 3.6 [795620]
Operating system: Windows 7 Business Edition
Version: 6.1 [7601]
Application architecture: x64
System architecture: x64
Physical processor count: 2
Processor speed: 2.5 GHz
Built-in memory: 8122.0 MB
Real memory available to Lightroom: 8122.0 MB
Real memory used by Lightroom: 203.9 MB (2.5%)
Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 181.0 MB
Memory cache size: 64.6 MB
System DPI setting: 96 DPI
Desktop composition enabled: Yes
Displays: 1) 1920x1200
Serial Number: 116048844018224240001225

PP data already posted

lightroom: edit in pp (NEF file) > edit copy: tiff, 16bit, profotoRGB
PP: exit without saving
Copy of the photo in _DEF5103-Preprocess
lightroom: edit in pp > original > (_DEF5103-Preprocess TIFF file saved before)
PP: find face (missed finding the face, see capture)> default sliders (see capture)> save and return to lightroom (producing:_DEF5103-Postprocess)

it seems that the problem is visible only with tiff images and not with jpeg images.

other files

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.tif   _DEF5103_Preprocess.tif (Size: 3.88 MB / Downloads: 8)
.tif   _DEF5103_Postprocess.tif (Size: 1.29 MB / Downloads: 4)
I am having the same problem, except that I am accessing PP though the PS plug-in:

PPstudio64L-F-en-v11.1.2 / Zraw-v1.2
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
PS CS6 64-bit
Editing images in 16-bit mode
Generally working in ProPhoto RGB colour space

Hoping for a quick solution to this one.


- David

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
(12-06-2012, 11:05 PM)Lumacraft Wrote: I am having the same problem, except that I am accessing PP though the PS plug-in:

PPstudio64L-F-en-v11.1.2 / Zraw-v1.2
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
PS CS6 64-bit
Editing images in 16-bit mode
Generally working in ProPhoto RGB colour space

Hoping for a quick solution to this one.


- David

Some further observations:

I attempted the workaround suggested by some in this thread. I exported from PS CS6 to a 16-bit TIFF, imported this file into PP standalone, and then exported the results. This was *unsuccessful*. Regardless of whether I exported to 16-bit TIFF or to JPEG format, the serious skin colour shift was still present.

The only way that I was able to work around the problem was to disable the "Skin Colouring Controls" section in PP. Only then did I no longer observe any colour anomalies in the the output.

Also, I observed that every time that I used the Save Session command within the standalone module, the displayed image, and the output file, would become corrupted, appearing as though brightly neon coloured coarse noise was overlaid. The corrupted image looked very different on each attempt, although always involving overlaid brightly neon, coarse noise. Subsequently using the Save TIFF/JPEG command would restore the display to normal. However, if I disabled the "Skin Colouring Controls" section in PP, then Save Session would work properly, and the output file and display would not be corrupted.

- David
In addition to the above, I had two observations which can affect the look on the screen (and perhaps import to another program) and also on printing (In my case, commercial wet process Noritsu color printer):

1. It seems that LR never set "Color representation" bit on the image header. When printed, the image seems to have been stripped off color depth and the color looks awful!
This may have a bearing on how PP process the image.

2. PP also did not set the "Color representation" bit when an image is saved to jpeg or TIFF from a saved session (ie, ppx file).


I noticed that when the above bit is not set, display on the screen is different for many image viewer. When printed on wet Noritsu commercial printer, the result is hopeless. (I mention wet Noritsu commercial printer here because this is the only one I have experience with over here. It may be different for others or different models of printer).

Because LR never set the Color representation bit, I have stopped using LR unless I am going to use PS to reprocess the image.
I export two identical copies of the same image with Lightroom (tiff, 16 bits), I check and both are without "color representation".
I edit in PS one of them changing image mode from RGB to CYMK and vice versa; this does not make any changes I can perceive (but very small details) but gives the attribute "sRGB" to the color representation tag.
Now, if I edit with PP without skin coloring controls, as usual there is no shading but if I edit both images with some skin coloring control set (tan for instance) the first image is shaded while the second, the one with the color representation set to sRGB, appears not shaded.
Well now it's 2013, version 11.3.4 and I see that I have the same problem. The problem is that PortraitProfessional can't handle ProPhoto RGB files, from any source. In my case it's in Photoshop CS6, not Lightroom. If you change the colorspace, the problem goes away.

It seems to be a bug . . .

thanks Stans07, I've the same problem. Changing from Prophoto to Adobe RGB solves the problem, from whereever I come. Version is PPstudio64L-F-de-v11.3.4 / ZRaw-v1.3. However, it changes my workflow, would be great if this could be solved in the future.

(11-29-2012, 08:26 PM)jce355 Wrote: I just updated my Studio 64 11 to 11.1 and it is still doing the same thing.
As in leaving a "Mask" like cover everywhere it fixed anything on the face. If I used the restore brush on any areas to restore beauty marks it looks even worse like the face has a disease. I also have photos due to customers that need repair.
Can someone please help?

The latest update for version 11 is v11.3.4. I would suggest deleting all of your previous Portrait Professional software installed on your computer and doing a fresh re-install. To download Portrait Pro again please use this link: http://www.portraitprofessional.com/licenses/

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